Thursday, 28 April 2011

Interview with a Feather Fascinator

Fascinating Fascinor by ripecardsandjewelery on Etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers! My apologies for the delay in posts lately, the spring weather has been keeping me outside and away from the computer. Today we are featuring a feather fascinator!

Me: So fascinator what do you think is your best feature?

Fascinator: I think everyone enjoys my "bling" factor. But I've also been told I have more subtle qualities and people love to run their fingers through me or brush me softly against their cheek.

Me: Sounds lovely! And where do you live?

Fascinator: I live in hair. All types. Short, long, curly, straight. All colors and all textures. I can also live on sweaters or purses.

Me: My, how very versatile! And how do you like to spend your time?

Fascinator: I like to feel the wind through my feathers. I love sunlight, but I also enjoy darker environments, like concerts, cafes, and romantic restaurants.

Me: And who do you enjoy spending time with?

Fascinator: There are lots of accessories that I consider my friends, like beautiful necklaces or chunky bracelets. But, I also like hanging out with birdcage veils and any other vintage pieces. The older the better!!

Me: Well it certainly sounds like you have refined taste! That concluded our interview, thanks for joining us! Next time join us for an interview with a beach photo!

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