Tuesday, 12 April 2011

CELEBRITY feature: Interview with a pacman dish

Me: Today we are joined be an icon of video game lore, a pacman (dish)! So pac man other than your well known shape, what do you think is your best feature?

Pac man: My smile

Me: Interesting. And we know from the game you spend a lot of time in a sort of maze. What's that environment like?

Pac man: It's like an endless rave.

Me: Wow, sounds pretty crazy.And what is one of your favorite activities?

Pac man: I like to eat.

Me: Oh, how surprising! ( cough cough, tries to look sincere). And who do you like to spend time with?

Pac man: I don't so much like to spend time with them, but I seem to spend time around a lot of ghosts.

Me: Ah right, you seem to have a bit of a love - hate relationship with them if I remember correctly. Well thank you for joining us Pac man! Next time we will be joined by a useful tool for young mom's!

Me: Also a reminder to my readers to please comment, tweet, fb etc these interviews if you enjoy them.It's great publicity for everyone featured!

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