Sunday, 3 April 2011

Interview with a Lovely Lemon Necklace

Lovely Lemon necklace by TiffanyMorganDesigns on Etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers and welcome back to another interview with inanimate objects! Today we are joined by a lovely lemon necklace!

Me: So necklace, do tell what makes you so lovely!

Necklace:I'm so lovely because of my incredible balance between vintage and modern!

Me: Indeed! And where do you live necklace?

Necklace: I live around the neck of a classy chic lady free to see the intertextual world we live in. 

Me:Sounds exciting!And what do you enjoy doing?

Necklace: I like to sparkle, glitter and shine! 

Me: And who do you like to hang around with?

Necklace: Bracelets and earrings

Me: But of course! Well dear readers, that ends another interview with an Inanimate object!Join us next time for an interview with a photograph!

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