Saturday, 2 April 2011

Interview with an Adorable Apron

Adorable Apron by onmommysapron on etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers and welcome back to another interview with an inanimate object! Today we are joined by an adorable apron!

Me: So apron,what do you think is your best feature?

Apron: Definitely my polka dots!

Me: Yes indeed, they are lovely against the light blue background! And can you tell us about where you live Apron?

Apron: I live in a food filled environment

Me: Sounds yummy! What do you like to do while in this environment Apron?

Apron:  I like to protect clothes

Me: An important task! And in your spare time who do you socialize with?

Apron:I like to hang out with hand towels and pot holders.

Me: Well it certainly sounds like a pretty comfortable life! Join us next time dear readers for an interviews with a yellow necklace!

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