Saturday, 2 April 2011

Surprise Interview with a Princess and the Pea Little Book

Princess and the Pea little book by the Littlest Bookshop on etsy!

Me: Today we are joined by another little book!

Me: Thanks for being with us little book. How about you begin by telling us your best feature!

Little Book: I'd say my best feature is my layers and layers of lace covered mattresses!

Me:  Lovely! And what kind of environment do you live in little book?

Little Book: I live in the sewing room with all the other little books.

Me: How exciting to live in the middle of such action! And what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Little Book: Well my goal in life is to get a half decent night of sleep! This little pea hidden in my mattresses keeps me up all night!

Me: oh my, that must be annoying! Do you have any particular objects you like to spend time with?

Little Book: I like  to have tea with the rolls of lace next door, I feel we have a lot in common!

Me: Thanks for joining us little book, and I hope you get some sleep someday soon!

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