Thursday, 31 March 2011

Special feature part 2:Interview with a brass bumblebee bracelet

Beautiful Bumblebee bracelet by AmykinsJewelery on Etsy!

Me: Thank you for joining me for a special treat, the second of two features in one day! 

Me: This afternoon we are joined by  a beautiful bumblebee bracelet!So bracelet, you must be busy with spring flowers starting to bloom! Can you tell us what  you think your best asset is?

Bracelet:  my collection of honey beads! 

Me: and beautiful they are! And where do you live bracelet?

Bracelet: I like to live outdoors, getting out and about around someone's wrist.

Me: Of course, and what activities do you like to do while out and about?

Bracelet: I like to buzz around looking for honey!

Me: That sounds like a busy life!How do you spend the rest of your time?

Bracelet: I hang out with my best friends: woodland creatures!

Me: Great, thanks for sharing a peek into your exciting life bracelet! Join us next time for an interview with a teacup all the way from Germany!

Special feature part 1: Interview with two adorable bunnies!

Adorable bunnies by GabbysBazaar on Etsy

Me: Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me for another exciting interview with an inanimate object! Today we will be joined by two adorabe  little easter bunnies.

Me: Thank you for joining us bunnies, I know this must be a very busy time of year for you! Let's begin by having you tell me about what you think your best feature is!

Bunnies ( in unison) : our cute little noses and our sparkly fur!

Me: Indeed, those sparkles certainly add a new level of adorableness! And now could you tell our readers what sort of environment you live in when not delivering easter eggs?

Bunnies ( in unison) We live in your Easter trees, sometimes we hang out by your fireplace, and if you are lucky, you might even find us hiding in a present!

Me: Easter trees? fascinating! Let carry on with asking  what you like to do besides the obvious?

Bunnies ( in unison) We come out every year in the Spring to spread Easter cheer, make kids smile and inspire people with hopes of new beginnings and the gorgeous Summers ahead.

Me: Great! And finally what other objects or beings do you enjoy spending time with? 

Bunnies ( in unison) We like to hang out with our other animal pals. We chew the cud with the little lambs and gossip with the chicks (they never know when to be quiet, though!)

Me: Well I know I've certainly learned a lot about being an easter bunny and I hope you, dear readers, have as well! Stay tuned for our next interview with a bumble bee bracelet! 

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Interview with a Miniature Book Pendant

 Me: Thanks for agreeing to this interview little book! I know you are busy entertaining the masses with your tales so let's get started! 

Me:Joining us today we have a little book! So Little Book, what do you think is your best feature?

Book: I think my best feature is my gorgeous brown  and stripped plumage.

Me: And where do you live/ what sort of environment do you live in?

Book:I was born in wonderland but after the ongoing war with the red queen I immigrated to Canada as a refugee.

Me:What are your favorite activities?

Book: My favorite thing to do is to ruffle my plumage while regaling children with stories. I also enjoy a good dust bath!

Me:What other objects do you like to hang out with?

Book: I like to hang out with the other  miniature books. I tried hanging out with the bigger classics but they kept pulling on my feathers and telling me dodos are extinct!

Me: Well it sounds like you have had quite a challenging life little book. I wish you all the best, long live the dodo birds!

Interview with a stunning Crystal Necklace

 Stunning Necklace by BellaDivaOriginals on Etsy

Me: Dear readers: today I am conversing with a stunning Crystal Necklace.

Me:   So Necklace, what do you think is your best feature?

Necklace: My blingy crystals

Me:  And where do you live/ what sort of environment do you live in?

Necklace :I live on you! Around your neck to be more specific.

Me: Great! and what are some of your hobbies?

Necklace : I like to be the center of attention.

Me: In your spare time other objects do you like to hang out with?

Necklace: I hang with earrings, bracelets, that kind of stuff.

Me : Fascinating, what a glamorous life! Join me next time for an interview with a pair of little easter bunnies!