Monday, 4 April 2011

Interview with a photo

Me: Hello and welcome back to another interview with an inanimate object. Today we are joined by a photo!

Me:Thank you for joining us photo.Let's begin by having you tell us about your best feature.

Photo: My best feature is my complexion, it's so bright!

Me: Indeed! And where do you live photo?

Photo: I live high in the sky, it's cold up here!

Me: Yes, the night air can certainly be chilly! What do you do while in the sky?

Photo: I just hang around, sometimes I like to disappear so nobody can see me.

Me:Well thank you for sticking around for this interview! Who are your sky friends photo?

Photo: All the stars of course!

Me: Sounds like fun!Thanks for joining us photo, and to you as well dear readers! Join us next time for an interview with some earrings!

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