Monday, 30 May 2011

Interview with a scarf

Scarf by EcoShag on etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers! Today we are joined by a scarf, a particularly useful item for the unpredictable weather of spring!So scarf, tell us what you think your best feature is!

Scarf: My quirky personality. There's no other like me. 

Me: Very true! And where do you live scarf?

Scarf: I'm a vagabond, a wanderer.....I can live anywhere and LOVE it!

Me: Sounds like quite the life! Any activities you like to do while wandering?

Scarf:I like to go out dancing, to the local pub, shopping, the museum, the beach, you name it.

Me: Very adaptable! Have you made any friends along the way?

Scarf: Besides a pair of breasts or a warm neck, I adore hangin with my shaggy friends!

Me: Wonderful, thanks for joining us, and happy travels!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ideas for showing off fabulous creations

Hello readers!
     I have the pleasure of entering my first market with my jewellery and thought I would take the opportunity to share what I've been preparing as well as introduce a wonderful resource!
eye popping business cards!

Beautiful bags!
Sunny Day  Rain Cover

Lots more ideas are on this fabulous flickr photo stream!

What sets have you designed for craft fairs? Please share in the comments!

Interview with a Silver Ring!

Me: Hello Dear readers, and welcome back!Today we are talking with a silver ring! So ring, what do you think is your best feature?

Ring:Well, some other rings may call it premature aging, but I think my antiqued look really brings out my floral pattern. Without it, my complexion gets too shiny and that's just embarrassing.

Me: Indeed, refinement over glam can sometimes be a refreshing choice!And where do you live Ring?

Ring:For awhile, it was very hot and flaming and there was this rotten egg odor where I lived, but that was just a one time deal. Now, I usually live in a box with my other ring friends.

Me: Oh dear, that sounds like an unpleasant experience, I am glad you have moved since!Do you have any activities you enjoy doing ring?

Ring:Sometimes I like to roll around, but nothing makes me happier than wrapping myself around somebody and giving them a hug. It has been my dream forever to become someone's wedding ring.

Me: How romantic, and adorable! In the meantime, do you have any friends in particular you enjoy spending time with?

Ring:  I really love to hang out with some long, slim digits and be stacked with some of my other ring friends. We really compliment each other and get along very well because we are such good friends.

Me: Wonderful!Thank you for joining us!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Interview with a colourful clutch!

Colourful Clutch by hopscotch22 on Etsy!

Me: Hello readers.My apologies for the infrequent  posts, I've been busy applying for work.Anyways, today we are joined by a colourful clutch! 

Me: Hello clutch! Let's begin by having you tell us your best feature!

Clutch: Are you kidding? Look at me, I have better gams than Tina Turner.

Me: You are certainly a beauty! And where do you spend your time?

Clutch: I am a kept woman, whoever pays the bills and lets me hold the money is the one I stay with. My environment is ever changing, one day on the red carpet, the next out to lunch with the girls. I just love being out and about.

Me: Well it sounds like you are enjoying yourself. What other featured make you a desirable item to take out and about?

Clutch: I look like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Felix's magic bag.

Me: Interesting.Do you have any friends you enjoy spending time with?

Clutch: Cash, credit cards and makeup mostly. I don't mind the occasional breath mint or business card. 

Me: Well it certainly sounds like you are living the high life! Next time join us for an interview with a ring!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Interview with a pearl necklace!

Pretty Pearl Necklace by Ashybaby87 on etsy!

Me: Hello and welcome to an interview with a pearl necklace!So necklace where do you live?

Necklace: It's quite crowded so I'm guessing you would call it the city. Usually it's pretty quiet, as long as no one gets tangled into a bad situation.

Me: And what do you enjoy doing while in the city?

Necklace: I really enjoy traveling around. I think that's what I was called to do.

Me:That sounds like fun! Who do you enjoy travelling or spending time with?

Necklace: I like to stick with my kind, of course too many of us will sure start to clutter things up a bit. I'm also fond of the black velvet woman with no face or body as well. She's a unique creature, but I still enjoy hangin' with her.

Me: Well it sounds like an interesting life! Join us next time readers for anther exciting interview!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Time to twirl with a tutu!

              Terrific Tutu Dress by cupcakesandcrickets on etsy!

Me: Hello Everyone! Today we are celebrating the start of warmer weather by interviewing a tutu! So tutu, tell me your best feature!

Tutu: My ability to be made any pretty much any color you can imagine! Oh and I can make any little girl smile!

Me: Yes tutu's have a certain magic to them ! And what sort of places might we find you tutu?

Tutu: Anywhere that there's a little girl to wear me. Weddings, photo shoots, and pageants are a few of my favorite places to be.

Me: Yes I can see in the photo of you that you really shine in the outdoors!What do you like to do besides shine and be photographed?

Tutu:I like to twirl... no I love to twirl! I like to bring smiles and giggles and grins!

Me: Sounds wonderful! And do you have any friends besides little girls?

Tutu: I like to hang out with bows, flowers, pillowcase dresses, tie onesies, tie tshirts, and anything else Cupcakes & Crickets adds to our shop. We like to hang out and then see eachother go to loving homes!

Me: Well you have quite a variety of friends! I wish you all the best on finding a loving home. Join us next time readers for an interview with a pearl necklace!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A photo takes us on a trip to the beach!

Me: Hello dear readers and welcome back!Today we are joined by a photo of the beach!So beach photo what makes you stand out from other photos?

Beach Photo:  I can make you feel calm, relaxed and at peace just by looking at me.

Me: Yes the sun glimmering off you is very lovely! And where exactly do you live photo?

Beach Photo:  I live on an island off the Coast of Maine. But many people pick me up and take me everywhere with them so I guess I could say I live where ever you take me

Me: And where are some of the best places you've been?

Beach Photo:  Mostly I like to bask in the sunshine as the waves wash up and over me but if you take me with you, I sometimes like to rest in a beautiful garden or being used as a massage tool.

Me: How versatile!And do you have any friends photo?

Beach Photo: I hang out with lots of sea glass and see creatures like starfish and crabs. I have been know to hang out with dragonflies and butterflies in gardens and also other smooth stones with a light bulb and lampshade

Me: Sounds delightful! Join us next time readers for an interview with a tutu dress!