Friday, 8 April 2011

Interview with an Elephant

Adorable Elephant by CrochetByKarin on Etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers, I hope you have been having a marvelous day!Today we are joined by an elephant!

Me: What do you think is your best feature elephant?

Elephant: My ears of course. I can use them to cover my head when it rains, as fans when it's hot, swat flies when they bother me and cover my eyes when I'm scared. Everyone would be happy if they had ears as useful as mine.

Me: My, how very useful!And where do you live elephant?

Elephant: I love to be in the sun and heat. My friends and I stand in the sun for hours and talk about life.

Me: And what do you like to do?

Elephant: When I'm not chatting with my friends I like to go to the local pond and sit in the mud and spray myself with water using my trunk. 

Me: And who are some of your friends?

Elephant: I love picking flowers and giving them to my elephant friends. Also, I Iike putting on hats and pretending to be a lion - ROAR or a monkey - Oo Oo AHHHH!

Me: Woah, sounds exciting! Join us next time readers for an interview with another photo!

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