Friday, 22 April 2011

Interview with a Darling Diaper and Wipes Holder

Darling diaper and wipes holder by Mommyerica on etsy!

Me: Today we are joined by a diaper and wipes holder! So holder, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Holder: My fun colors!

Me: I agree! Your flowers are also lovely!And where do you live holder?

Holder: I travel a lot actually! The zoo, playdates, the grocery store all sort of fun places! But I love the comfort of my own cozy home, the diaper bag :) 

Me:That sounds like fun! What are some of your favorite activities holder?

Holder:I like helping mom out! She needs a break! So I like keeping all her needs in mind and having them all in one place.

Me:  That's a very nice thing to do for her! Do you have any friends you enjoy hanging out with?

Holder: Oh I meet a whole lot of cool objects! The sippy cup, Mr. teething ring, Bibs and alot more!

Me: Wow, what a variety! Well thanks for sharing with us holder! Next time we are joined by a hair fascinator! 


  1. HI, that is so fun! The thing is that i know the lady who is the Mommy of that smart Holder! And she loved this interview as everybody else, I bet! Thanks!

  2. haha, small world Alya! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog :)