Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A photo takes us on a trip to the beach!

Me: Hello dear readers and welcome back!Today we are joined by a photo of the beach!So beach photo what makes you stand out from other photos?

Beach Photo:  I can make you feel calm, relaxed and at peace just by looking at me.

Me: Yes the sun glimmering off you is very lovely! And where exactly do you live photo?

Beach Photo:  I live on an island off the Coast of Maine. But many people pick me up and take me everywhere with them so I guess I could say I live where ever you take me

Me: And where are some of the best places you've been?

Beach Photo:  Mostly I like to bask in the sunshine as the waves wash up and over me but if you take me with you, I sometimes like to rest in a beautiful garden or being used as a massage tool.

Me: How versatile!And do you have any friends photo?

Beach Photo: I hang out with lots of sea glass and see creatures like starfish and crabs. I have been know to hang out with dragonflies and butterflies in gardens and also other smooth stones with a light bulb and lampshade

Me: Sounds delightful! Join us next time readers for an interview with a tutu dress!

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