Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Interview with Elegant Earrings!

Elegant Earrings by AnnKSherronBoutique on Etsy!

Me:Hello and welcome back to Interviews with Inanimate objects! A note to our readers: if you enjoy our interviews please share your comments, or if you think others might enjoy our interviews please share this blog!

Me: Today we are welcoming some elegant earrings.Earrings,  let's begin by asking what you think your best feature is!

Earrings: My eyelashes, they are long and all my own!

Me: Impressive! And where do you spend your time?

Earrings: Around the wrist where I can change with the mood, around my neck where I can be on top of the world to see all there is to see, in the ear of a queen with a pure shine of elegance where I can fly and be free.

Me:That sounds like quite the life! What are some of your hobbies earrings?

Earrings: I like to be Bold, Graceful, Jazzy, but Classy.

Me: And who do you enjoy spending time with?

Earrings:  I like to hang out with Queen Necklace, Queen Earrings, and Queen Bracelets...we like to hang out with Royalty

Me: All very exciting indeed! Join us next time dear readers for an interview with an elephant!

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