Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Interview with a Summer Romper!

Splendid summer romper by tasteofvintage on Etsy!

Me: My apologies dear readers for the break in interviews. Let's get back to it by asking this romper what it thinks its best feature is!

Romper: My best feature is my lovely sunflower print. I'm adorned in sunshine. Everyone lights up with a smile when they see me.

Me: Sunshine does certainly lift the spirits! Now where do you spread this sunshine?

Romper: I live in a never ending closet. It's dark, but I'm never alone in there. The only thing I hate is that I'm nuzzled up next to a man's long sleeve sweater and the argyle's always trying to get with me. He's not my type!

Me: Oh my, he must really like sunshine!How else  do you spend your time while in the closet?

Romper: I love to be worn by voluptuous women. They take me shopping and I get to experience the world. My best memory is when I was taken for a stroll in the park. I was gliding in the wind. Ah, It feels so good to be out in the fresh air!

Me: Indeed! And do you get along with anyone in the closet? 

Romper: I love hanging out with my bffs: Rosa and Bleu. They're sisters, but complete opposites. Rosa is a rose print romper and Bleu is a Maxi dress. The only thing they have in common is that they're big gossipers.

Me: Well it sounds like you manage to enjoy yourself even while stuck in a closet! Join us next time readers for an interview with a couture clutch!

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