Monday, 11 April 2011

Interview with an Another Apron

Me:Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me again today for this interview with an apron.So, Apron, tell me about what feature makes you stand out.

Apron: I'd have to say my clean lines. Not only are they classically stylish, they're also quite slimming!

Me: Indeed. And where do you live Apron?

Apron: My favorite place to be is in the kitchen of course, but at the moment I am living in a closet with my fellow shop-mates. I'm just waiting for someone to take me home and let be back out into the culinary world...

Me: Well you certainly sound like an apron of action! What do you enjoy doing in the meantime?

Apron: Some of my favorite activities are taste testing foods when a cook makes a spill, and keeping flour from making a mess. Lately though, I just hang out with other aprons in the closet, and discuss the recipes we wish we were making.

Me: Aww, well hopefully you are feeling inspired to make some delicious meals at least! Do you have any friends other than aprons? 

Apron:  I've made friends with a lot of other aprons, fabric, string, buttons and other nice sewing items. But I really feel most at home with cook books, spoons, whisks, and oven mitts.

Me: Thanks for sharing with us apron, I wish you all the best! Join us next time readers for an interview with a pacman candy dish!

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  1. Aw... sweet Apron, I hope you find a fantastic new kitchen soon!