Sunday, 29 May 2011

Interview with a Silver Ring!

Me: Hello Dear readers, and welcome back!Today we are talking with a silver ring! So ring, what do you think is your best feature?

Ring:Well, some other rings may call it premature aging, but I think my antiqued look really brings out my floral pattern. Without it, my complexion gets too shiny and that's just embarrassing.

Me: Indeed, refinement over glam can sometimes be a refreshing choice!And where do you live Ring?

Ring:For awhile, it was very hot and flaming and there was this rotten egg odor where I lived, but that was just a one time deal. Now, I usually live in a box with my other ring friends.

Me: Oh dear, that sounds like an unpleasant experience, I am glad you have moved since!Do you have any activities you enjoy doing ring?

Ring:Sometimes I like to roll around, but nothing makes me happier than wrapping myself around somebody and giving them a hug. It has been my dream forever to become someone's wedding ring.

Me: How romantic, and adorable! In the meantime, do you have any friends in particular you enjoy spending time with?

Ring:  I really love to hang out with some long, slim digits and be stacked with some of my other ring friends. We really compliment each other and get along very well because we are such good friends.

Me: Wonderful!Thank you for joining us!

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