Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Interview with a colourful clutch!

Colourful Clutch by hopscotch22 on Etsy!http://www.etsy.com/listing/69847028/vintage-evening-bag-couture-clutch?ref=sc_1

Me: Hello readers.My apologies for the infrequent  posts, I've been busy applying for work.Anyways, today we are joined by a colourful clutch! 

Me: Hello clutch! Let's begin by having you tell us your best feature!

Clutch: Are you kidding? Look at me, I have better gams than Tina Turner.

Me: You are certainly a beauty! And where do you spend your time?

Clutch: I am a kept woman, whoever pays the bills and lets me hold the money is the one I stay with. My environment is ever changing, one day on the red carpet, the next out to lunch with the girls. I just love being out and about.

Me: Well it sounds like you are enjoying yourself. What other featured make you a desirable item to take out and about?

Clutch: I look like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Felix's magic bag.

Me: Interesting.Do you have any friends you enjoy spending time with?

Clutch: Cash, credit cards and makeup mostly. I don't mind the occasional breath mint or business card. 

Me: Well it certainly sounds like you are living the high life! Next time join us for an interview with a ring!

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