Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Time to twirl with a tutu!

              Terrific Tutu Dress by cupcakesandcrickets on etsy!

Me: Hello Everyone! Today we are celebrating the start of warmer weather by interviewing a tutu! So tutu, tell me your best feature!

Tutu: My ability to be made any pretty much any color you can imagine! Oh and I can make any little girl smile!

Me: Yes tutu's have a certain magic to them ! And what sort of places might we find you tutu?

Tutu: Anywhere that there's a little girl to wear me. Weddings, photo shoots, and pageants are a few of my favorite places to be.

Me: Yes I can see in the photo of you that you really shine in the outdoors!What do you like to do besides shine and be photographed?

Tutu:I like to twirl... no I love to twirl! I like to bring smiles and giggles and grins!

Me: Sounds wonderful! And do you have any friends besides little girls?

Tutu: I like to hang out with bows, flowers, pillowcase dresses, tie onesies, tie tshirts, and anything else Cupcakes & Crickets adds to our shop. We like to hang out and then see eachother go to loving homes!

Me: Well you have quite a variety of friends! I wish you all the best on finding a loving home. Join us next time readers for an interview with a pearl necklace!

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