Monday, 30 May 2011

Interview with a scarf

Scarf by EcoShag on etsy!

Me: Hello dear readers! Today we are joined by a scarf, a particularly useful item for the unpredictable weather of spring!So scarf, tell us what you think your best feature is!

Scarf: My quirky personality. There's no other like me. 

Me: Very true! And where do you live scarf?

Scarf: I'm a vagabond, a wanderer.....I can live anywhere and LOVE it!

Me: Sounds like quite the life! Any activities you like to do while wandering?

Scarf:I like to go out dancing, to the local pub, shopping, the museum, the beach, you name it.

Me: Very adaptable! Have you made any friends along the way?

Scarf: Besides a pair of breasts or a warm neck, I adore hangin with my shaggy friends!

Me: Wonderful, thanks for joining us, and happy travels!

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