Thursday, 31 March 2011

Special feature part 2:Interview with a brass bumblebee bracelet

Beautiful Bumblebee bracelet by AmykinsJewelery on Etsy!

Me: Thank you for joining me for a special treat, the second of two features in one day! 

Me: This afternoon we are joined by  a beautiful bumblebee bracelet!So bracelet, you must be busy with spring flowers starting to bloom! Can you tell us what  you think your best asset is?

Bracelet:  my collection of honey beads! 

Me: and beautiful they are! And where do you live bracelet?

Bracelet: I like to live outdoors, getting out and about around someone's wrist.

Me: Of course, and what activities do you like to do while out and about?

Bracelet: I like to buzz around looking for honey!

Me: That sounds like a busy life!How do you spend the rest of your time?

Bracelet: I hang out with my best friends: woodland creatures!

Me: Great, thanks for sharing a peek into your exciting life bracelet! Join us next time for an interview with a teacup all the way from Germany!

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