Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Interview with a Miniature Book Pendant


 Me: Thanks for agreeing to this interview little book! I know you are busy entertaining the masses with your tales so let's get started! 

Me:Joining us today we have a little book! So Little Book, what do you think is your best feature?

Book: I think my best feature is my gorgeous brown  and stripped plumage.

Me: And where do you live/ what sort of environment do you live in?

Book:I was born in wonderland but after the ongoing war with the red queen I immigrated to Canada as a refugee.

Me:What are your favorite activities?

Book: My favorite thing to do is to ruffle my plumage while regaling children with stories. I also enjoy a good dust bath!

Me:What other objects do you like to hang out with?

Book: I like to hang out with the other  miniature books. I tried hanging out with the bigger classics but they kept pulling on my feathers and telling me dodos are extinct!

Me: Well it sounds like you have had quite a challenging life little book. I wish you all the best, long live the dodo birds!


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